Saturday, 2 June 2012

Quick Meals: Chicken and Cream Cheese Wrap

Chicken and Cheese wrap

I know this isn't the ultimate gourmet recipe, but its delicious, fast and filling. This is the sort of thing that I would make if there's absolutely nothing in the house except for leftovers. Here's the recipe:

Ingredients and How to:
1 Tortilla wrap
1 Leftover cooked Chicken Breast/Leg chopped into pieces
1 Tbs of Cream Cheese
2 Large lettuce leaves
A huge dollop of your favourite sauce (in this case, Branston Relish Hot chili & Jalapeno)
1 Tbs Mayonnaise
A pinch of salt and pepper

Heat the wrap in the microwaves for 20 seconds.
Spread the cream cheese on the wrap, layer pieces of chicken on top then lettuce.
Sprinkle with salt. Throw on the mayonnaise and relish.
Wrap, cut in half and serve!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Seahorse Nail Art (Kind of)

I'm terrible at nail art, I wont even attempt to hide that fact but hopefully you might be inspired by the idea and be able to create a much better looking set of nails! I was inspired by the Versace Spring collection as seen here:

I used 3 coats of Revlon's White on white which was a nightmare because it kept coming out streaky. Then I used the edge of a hair pin as a makeshift dotting tool with Barry M's Instant Effects in 320 Foil and attempted to recreate the seahorse. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic & Apologies

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

First of all, I'd like to apologise for disappearing all of a sudden and not responding to everyone's comments. I'm working my way through them and I appreciate every single one of them. I've had the most HECTIC week ever! Work, studies, outings and interviews. Everything all seemed to come at once. Anyway, I am finally back on track and will be posting regularly again. SO. What better way to end a hectic week than a LUSH mask and a good book. I have been out in the sun quite a lot lately and trying all sorts of different products on my skin so I felt my face needed a little bit of pampering. I picked up two masks from LUSH last week, I'll talk about the other one once I've tried it out a bit more.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is this wonderful fresh face mask and I'm not going to lie, I chose it because it was purple and I wanted to eat it (tastes a bit perfumy but sweet!) . Yes, I did lick it, but nothing happened to me so I'm loving lush even more now. Though I am not recommending you eat this stuff.

It has a lovely mud like consistency which you can easily spread across your face. Its not gritty at all but there are little specks of blueberries which kind of squish into your skin when you rub it on. The guy at the shop (don't you love lush staff when they start testing stuff on you?) stuck a whole load of it on my hand, waited a few minutes and then washed it off and I kid you not, my hand has never felt that smooth since I was 3. And it has the exact same effect on your face. I left it for about 10 minutes but it hardens pretty fast and you can wash it off REALLY easily with warm water.

Ingredients & Smells: 
The ingredients include Calamine Powder, Irish Moss Gel, Blueberries, Almond Oil, Talc and Chamomile. I thought the blueberries would leave a bit of a rotten berry smell but it didn't at all. Even though I actually didn't put it in the fridge the second time I used it, it was still fine. The scent of Calamine really comes through after you wash it off and leaves a really calming vibe around you. To sum it up, it smells like blueberry baby powder.

I didn't really have any problem areas (for once!) but I had a few pesky blackheads on my nose and it helped to clear those up. My skin was so soft afterwards and soaked in the moisturiser. I have quite sensitive skin and masks break me out very easily but this mask did not break me out at all. My skin was also a bit dry and flaky around the cheeks and it solved that problem for me as well.

This mask is amazing, I really can't fault it. It smells good, does what it says it will do, its calming and relaxing and doesn't break me out! You can find it at Lush for £5.75/75g. I use it quite sparsely simply because I'm weird like that so it would probably last me 5-6 masks, but if you apply it generously, maybe 3-4. An alternative mask might be Montagne Jeunesse Pressed Blueberries Very Berry Mask but even thought I love the texture and price of this product, it breaks me out like crazy so I simply can't use it. Maybe for you guys out there with less sensitive skin.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review : What I think of Revlon Lip Butters

Left to right: Sweet Tart, Tutti Fruiti, Pink Truffle, Price: £7.99 

So I realise I'm a bit behind on the bandwagon with these but I've only just managed to find them at my local Boots. I entered. They beckoned. I rejoiced. Finally.
Boots is having their 3 for 2 deal so of course, I picked up 3. I stood for ages deliberating on which colours to get, finally settling on a pink, a coral and a nude so I could test a little bit from each colour range. So first of all:

Consistency : I found them really creamy, I swatched ALL of them at the shop and decided I didn't like any of the sparkly ones, they were a bit.. gritty? for lack of a better word. But these three were lovely, they glide on your lips like thick cream cheese. or Nutella. Or a mixture of both like that chocolate Philadelphia which I keep seeing on the adverts and I need to try.Yum. 

Pigmentation : Well, for me, with just one layer, it looks just like a tinted balm. For example :

Tutti Fruit on my lips!

Which is actually how I like it, you can however keep on slapping it on and it builds up to something close to a lipstick. Just be careful with the Tutti Fruiti one because you could end up looking like you ate one too many cheese puffs and forgot to wipe your mouth (Why am I talking about cheese so much in this post?)

Price : Honestly speaking, I would not have purchased these at £7.99 each. With the three for two offer at Boots, each Lip Butter works out to just over £5 (ah the accountant in me speaks), and I think that is about the right price for them. But with all the hype surrounding them, I think Revlon knew they could pull it off. I know L'Oreal's Caresse range is very similar and also priced at £7.99. Some clever marketing by L'oreal might have dragged me over to their stand instead if they had just charged a pound less but who am I to dictate supply and demand.

Overall : This is a great product, I would definitely buy it again but not at that price. The hype will probably build your expectations up a bit higher than what they are worth though. A little problem I have with them is they can highlight dry lips, so I had to exfoliate like crazy before applying and taking a picture. Which is so WEIRD, because you expect a lip BUTTTER to make your lips softer, not flakier. Oh well. Good product, too expensive. What do you think?

Books, Sunglasses & Blogger Frustration

Sunglasses from Marks & Spencers

I have had the most frustrating time with Blogger today, I could not see my followers! I clicked and refreshed and pleaded but the square where the little display pictures usually live was empty. I finally had to download and Install Google Chrome, which I've been meaning to do anyway, and then everything started working properly again. Did you guys ever have that issue? I googled it and some people seem to have problems but no one had a concrete solution.

Anyway, I went and did a bit of shopping, primarily for a Yankee Candle so of course, I came back with Books and Sunglasses instead. The sunny days are upon us and I have this horrible habit of sitting on my shades, so I always tend to buy cheap ones that I don't mind breaking. Well, I do MIND, but I wont cry about. I have pair of expensive ones which I NEVER wear because I just know I'll sit on them. Its me. So I got these ones from M&S for £5.00.. You can't go wrong with that price. Maybe I should buy in bulk from Primark in the future. 

Also, I picked up a bunch of books because I can't possibly pass by a book store without getting something.   There's a Nicholas Sparks one in there which I've already started reading and loving so far. Then "The best people in the world" by Justin Tussing. Never heard of him but I like the cover (don't judge a book by its cover is lost on me) and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (Pronunciation?!) which I believe is the first of a trilogy? I'm not sure, but I picked it up because I enjoyed the Hunger Games so much and have been looking, and failing, to find a similar sort of read ever since. I'll post reviews when I'm done reading. 

My book obsession

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award & BlogLoveTherapy!

This is just a short post to talk about two things I'm REALLY excited about, my first blogger award and BlogLoveTherapy. Thanks so much to Miss B at Fabugloss for nominating me for this award, I couldn't quite believe it when I saw my blog up there on the list. Its a great way to discover new blogs and I'm happy to be involved with it. Here are the rules and my nominations for the versatile blogger award:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
My nominees are :
2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
- I am mixed Asian and white
- I lived in Malaysia for 6 years
- I won't get out of bed until I've hit snooze at least twice
- My favourite time of day is just before sunset
- I enjoy chic lit but pretend I don't
- I hate films that make me cry and avoid them like the plague
- I'm a Gemini!
4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.
Now onto the next top of this post, BlogLoveTherapy!
This is a really cool site which features a new blog hop every week, it helps all the new bloggers (and some old), find each other. Some of the hops are really fun as well. So if you are like me and are just starting out in the blogging world, this is a great place to meet new bloggers and get ideas and inspiration!

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Orange Frosting

Hi everyone! Its been a busy weekend, hope you all had a nice Easter. I managed to make some Orange Chocolate cupcakes inspired by some Jaffa cakes I was eating earlier. They turned out really well, even though I used salted butter because I couldn't get any unsalted and all the shops were closed. Easter, Doh! Tomorrow I'll be starting a healthier diet I think, otherwise I'm going to turn into a ball! AND I went shopping, so I'll be writing up on those things in the coming week. Happy Monday! 

I tried to do the swirly things, but I didn't have a spatula!

Chocolate Cheese Orange Frosting

Yumm.. Couldn't wait.