Friday, 16 March 2012

Cheesy fries in a hurry

Today was one of those days where I had so much to do and just not enough time to do it. Doctor's checkup in the morning, then the post office, then studying and all of a sudden its lunch time and I'm starving. I rush downstairs, fling open the fridge with such hope and anticipation, to find it empty. Sigh. No leftovers, nothing. So I had to make something quick, and its pretty amazing what you can do with stuff you have lying about in your fridge. Such as:

Freshly grated extra mature Cheddar cheese

Mixed with:

Oven baked thick potato chips

Produces this:

Homemade cheesy fries

I made a really small quantity for myself and it took about 20 minutes or less.. Its simple and easy. A bit high on the calories but I make myself feel better by saying I baked the chips instead of frying them. Enjoy!

Ingredients: (Enough for 1 person)
Two handfuls of frozen chips (I used Aldi's Three Way Cook Oven Chips which I found in the freezer)
1 Cup of grated Cheddar cheese
2 Tbps Grated Mozzerella 
50g Butter
1 Tbsp Flour
3/4 Cup of milk
A little ketchup (for sweetening and colour)
Salt and Paprika or Chili powder

Spread your chips out on an oven proof tray and stick them into the oven for around 20 mins. (Follow the instructions on your pack). While those are baking, take a little sauce pan over medium heat and melt the butter. Add the flour and and stir for a little while. It should look like squigy balls of dough. Start adding the milk and whisk it as you are pouring to get rid of the lumps. Don't worry, they will eventually dissolve, just keep whisking until the milk sort of thickens. Then add the cheese and stir until melted and then remove from the heat. Squirt in a LITTLE ketchup to give it that artifiual unhealthy orange sauce look and take away a bit of the tanginess of the strong cheddar. Sauce is ready!
Take the chips out, season with salt and paprika then pour the sauce over. Serve.

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