Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Rosy Cupcake Adventure

Pretty pink cupcake cases

Cupcake cases, I think that's where most of my money goes. I just buy them for no reason. I bought a pack of a 1000 cases a few months ago. I mean, seriously, when am I EVER going to need a 1000 cupcakes? On top of the other hundreds of colourful and patterned ones I already have crammed in the kitchen cupboards. But they're so pretty.. *googly eyes* I just can't resist.

Today was one of my baking failure days. There is a little event going on at the place where I volunteer and I decided to make some cupcakes so of course, they all turned into a complete mess. The first batch had a terrible consistency because I used warm milk and I think the eggs curdled a little and, well, it was just.. ew. The second batch were beautiful fluffy rose cupcakes.. for about 2 seconds.. Then they sunk in the middle and looked like misshapen Yorkshire puddings. Sigh. Thank God I have a dad who pretty much eats anything. 

I sat down and had an iced latte with some leftover espresso shots I made for my floppy, lumpy espresso cupcakes.


But, not one to give up, I finally managed to make a lovely batch of Rose cupcakes with Rose frosting. Not my best work but I was just too tired to try again. Plus I had to study. And blog. And make a networking card for the Career Fair next week. Oh my brain is going to explode.

Almost there! No lumps at least.

Lumpless :D

Final Attempt, not so bad :) 

I'll have to perfect the recipe first and figure out where things are going wrong, then I'll post it up here!

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