Friday, 20 April 2012

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic & Apologies

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

First of all, I'd like to apologise for disappearing all of a sudden and not responding to everyone's comments. I'm working my way through them and I appreciate every single one of them. I've had the most HECTIC week ever! Work, studies, outings and interviews. Everything all seemed to come at once. Anyway, I am finally back on track and will be posting regularly again. SO. What better way to end a hectic week than a LUSH mask and a good book. I have been out in the sun quite a lot lately and trying all sorts of different products on my skin so I felt my face needed a little bit of pampering. I picked up two masks from LUSH last week, I'll talk about the other one once I've tried it out a bit more.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is this wonderful fresh face mask and I'm not going to lie, I chose it because it was purple and I wanted to eat it (tastes a bit perfumy but sweet!) . Yes, I did lick it, but nothing happened to me so I'm loving lush even more now. Though I am not recommending you eat this stuff.

It has a lovely mud like consistency which you can easily spread across your face. Its not gritty at all but there are little specks of blueberries which kind of squish into your skin when you rub it on. The guy at the shop (don't you love lush staff when they start testing stuff on you?) stuck a whole load of it on my hand, waited a few minutes and then washed it off and I kid you not, my hand has never felt that smooth since I was 3. And it has the exact same effect on your face. I left it for about 10 minutes but it hardens pretty fast and you can wash it off REALLY easily with warm water.

Ingredients & Smells: 
The ingredients include Calamine Powder, Irish Moss Gel, Blueberries, Almond Oil, Talc and Chamomile. I thought the blueberries would leave a bit of a rotten berry smell but it didn't at all. Even though I actually didn't put it in the fridge the second time I used it, it was still fine. The scent of Calamine really comes through after you wash it off and leaves a really calming vibe around you. To sum it up, it smells like blueberry baby powder.

I didn't really have any problem areas (for once!) but I had a few pesky blackheads on my nose and it helped to clear those up. My skin was so soft afterwards and soaked in the moisturiser. I have quite sensitive skin and masks break me out very easily but this mask did not break me out at all. My skin was also a bit dry and flaky around the cheeks and it solved that problem for me as well.

This mask is amazing, I really can't fault it. It smells good, does what it says it will do, its calming and relaxing and doesn't break me out! You can find it at Lush for £5.75/75g. I use it quite sparsely simply because I'm weird like that so it would probably last me 5-6 masks, but if you apply it generously, maybe 3-4. An alternative mask might be Montagne Jeunesse Pressed Blueberries Very Berry Mask but even thought I love the texture and price of this product, it breaks me out like crazy so I simply can't use it. Maybe for you guys out there with less sensitive skin.


  1. Hey! We tagged you in a get to know me tag, and also an award! XOXO- Meena

  2. this is my favorite LUSH face mask- you are hilarious for licking it! I have never thought to do that, although this one does smell divine!

  3. ha oh i always want to eat lush products! they smell so fruity and gooood! i really want to try this mask now sounds great! might have a look in lush at the weekend :)

  4. Was wondering where you disappeared to!

    I've never tried and lush fresh masks! I feel like I fact, I haven't ever really tried much of anything from there! I think I just get a bit overwhelmed by everything and the sales people when I go there lmao