Saturday, 21 April 2012

Seahorse Nail Art (Kind of)

I'm terrible at nail art, I wont even attempt to hide that fact but hopefully you might be inspired by the idea and be able to create a much better looking set of nails! I was inspired by the Versace Spring collection as seen here:

I used 3 coats of Revlon's White on white which was a nightmare because it kept coming out streaky. Then I used the edge of a hair pin as a makeshift dotting tool with Barry M's Instant Effects in 320 Foil and attempted to recreate the seahorse. 


  1. Love these colours together! i need to try white and gold, it's gorgeous!

  2. White polishes can be very tricky, I've yet to find one that doesn't apply somewhat streakily. But I really like the idea and the inspiration :) And great trick to use the end of a bobby pin as a dotting tool!

  3. I'm not very good with nail art either mine always end up looking like something completely different. I like yours tho great seahorse :)

    p.s I found you threw the blog hop!

  4. You're not bad at all! Much better than me at least haha, I love that you've taken inspiration from the catwalk :] I found your blog through the blog hop too! Now a follower :3

    Kirstie xox

  5. Hey, there I found your blog through the blog hop.
    I LOVE the nails, might try it out :) You have a very cute blog :)


  6. Well I think they're pretty! :D

    Check out my current giveaway? (:

  7. Found you through blog hop! Nice blog :) Now following!

  8. I love this design......gonna try this one day!