Friday, 6 April 2012

Room Decor ideas: Jewellery stand

Bangles bangles bangles

I've been all about getting my room to look semi presentable lately. All my stuff is just everywhere!! Its driving me absolutely insane. And the worst part is, its not even half of my things, the rest is on some plane over the equator right now (Shifting my stuff over from Malaysia) . I have no idea what I'm going to do when THAT load arrives. Oh well, have to start somewhere so I went ahead and transformed this mess:

All my tangled up jewellery in its drawer (before)

To this:

Jewellery hanging thingamabob (after)

I found it at this random discount shop called Buyology, my mum took me in there to get a tank for our tadpoles (don't ask). Its dark brown leatherette and it cost £1.49.. Pinch me. They must have got the tags wrong or something because this thing is really well made and sturdy. But I would probably need 6 of them for the rest of my bangles. Uh oh.


  1. Ooooh, I love this jewellery stand. But I think you're right - I'd need about 6 (or more!) for my whole collection too. Where have you moved?

    xo Joana

  2. My jewelry is really something I need to organize better! This looks really nice :)

    And Happy Easter!

  3. this is great. my bracelets are thrown into a few bowls and always get tangled up! i could used something more efficient to store and organize them!


  4. wow this is too cute!! too bad I live in Canada and can't get my way to the store :P

    xo spilledpolish.

    ps. found you on bloghop!!

  5. Ouch..I know the feeling when there's just so much stuff and nowhere to put it. I'm still in transition from moving from my parents house and. Almost want to tell theni don't want anymore of my stuff! Lol


  6. Hi ladies...just stumbled on your post Fatimah and thought I would share my little invention with you ( - granted, it's a little more expensive than £1.49 but it certainly does the trick AND it's made in Wales ;)Would be grateful if you'd Like my FB page and/or share with friends..cheers Sally