Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review : What I think of Revlon Lip Butters

Left to right: Sweet Tart, Tutti Fruiti, Pink Truffle, Price: £7.99 

So I realise I'm a bit behind on the bandwagon with these but I've only just managed to find them at my local Boots. I entered. They beckoned. I rejoiced. Finally.
Boots is having their 3 for 2 deal so of course, I picked up 3. I stood for ages deliberating on which colours to get, finally settling on a pink, a coral and a nude so I could test a little bit from each colour range. So first of all:

Consistency : I found them really creamy, I swatched ALL of them at the shop and decided I didn't like any of the sparkly ones, they were a bit.. gritty? for lack of a better word. But these three were lovely, they glide on your lips like thick cream cheese. or Nutella. Or a mixture of both like that chocolate Philadelphia which I keep seeing on the adverts and I need to try.Yum. 

Pigmentation : Well, for me, with just one layer, it looks just like a tinted balm. For example :

Tutti Fruit on my lips!

Which is actually how I like it, you can however keep on slapping it on and it builds up to something close to a lipstick. Just be careful with the Tutti Fruiti one because you could end up looking like you ate one too many cheese puffs and forgot to wipe your mouth (Why am I talking about cheese so much in this post?)

Price : Honestly speaking, I would not have purchased these at £7.99 each. With the three for two offer at Boots, each Lip Butter works out to just over £5 (ah the accountant in me speaks), and I think that is about the right price for them. But with all the hype surrounding them, I think Revlon knew they could pull it off. I know L'Oreal's Caresse range is very similar and also priced at £7.99. Some clever marketing by L'oreal might have dragged me over to their stand instead if they had just charged a pound less but who am I to dictate supply and demand.

Overall : This is a great product, I would definitely buy it again but not at that price. The hype will probably build your expectations up a bit higher than what they are worth though. A little problem I have with them is they can highlight dry lips, so I had to exfoliate like crazy before applying and taking a picture. Which is so WEIRD, because you expect a lip BUTTTER to make your lips softer, not flakier. Oh well. Good product, too expensive. What do you think?


  1. I agree, your lips need to be in great condition as I found these made my dry lips a little more dry... weird! Great post! xx

  2. everyone has been blogging about these lately! I don't think they're THAT fantastic, but they are nice :) I liked your review, thank you!

  3. I think you picked really flattering shades and I agree, some of the ones with glitter are a little bit gritty. These have been a little bit overhyped, which possibly built up too high expectations. For one, they're not as buttery as I expected them to be. I still think they're a really nice product, though for the price they are where I live, wayyyyy too expensive. If they were at discounted American prices, I'd probably have close to the whole collection :p

  4. Hi! Just blog-hopping by and subscribed to your blog!

    I have to agree with Canadian Beauty. I didn't find the lip butters all that they cracked up to be. I found that they dried my lips and didn't so nice on. Though, i do have to agree with you, they are a little pricey.

    If you get the chance, please feel free to stop by my blog and check out my Lip butter review! (Beauty and the Gamer)

  5. great post so wanting to try these out but they still haven't srrived here in the UAE :) great blog now following :)

  6. I want the Tutti Frutti shade. But it's not available in Malaysia. AHHH :( I love the shade Cherry Tart though. It's such a wearable shade :)

  7. Great review! I agree completely with you. It's a decent product that is overpriced and doesnt live up to it's claims or its hype. And the glitter shades are horribly girl for not getting any of them!


  8. Great post! They look really good but I can't find them anywhere :(

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  9. Wow, you have purrfect lips! Discovered your blog from Blog hop. Follow me too!

  10. LOVE LOVE the color you chose. Great review too.

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  11. Great post, the colour is lovely!
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  12. Great Post!I have just bought a few of these too...

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  14. Love this post!

  15. I agree that they're too expensive, especially as they aren't particularly pigmented. I think you're paying for the idea of it rather than the actual product! Good going taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offer though :D Great review:) xxxxx

  16. You have nice lips)


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